MFJ 1025

Noise Canceller

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MFJ 1025
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Plug your station antenna into the MFJ-1026 and your antenna system turns into a directional receiving array!
You can place a null up to 60dB deep on any type of noise and interference arriving fro many single direction and wave angle. Wipe out interference and noise before it gets into your receiver!

It works on all modes -- SSB, AM, CW, FM and frequencies from 1.5 to 30 MHz
You can instantly change from nulling to peaking a signal at a push of a button and improve weak signal reception!
Wipe out all types of Noise
Wipe out ... lightning crashes from distant thunderstorms, sever power line noise from arcing transformers and insulators, lamp dimmers, touch controlled lamps, electric drills, motors, industry process, TV birdies...
Strong local ham overloading your sensitive receiver? Cant copy your QSO? cast a deep null on him and literally take him out -- you wont even know hes there.
You can dig out a weak station hidden under a powerful one on the same frequency!
Null out your local AM broadcast station. Underneath, you might find an exotic distant station on an island youve never heard of.
Works on SSB, AM, CW, FM, RTTY, SSTV, Packet and Pactor -- all modes.
It works on all frequencies from 1.5 to 30 MHz, including all MF and HF amateur bands and shortwave broadcast.
A noise blanker cant...
Interference much strong than he desired signal can be completely removed without affecting the desired signal.
Prevent overload by canceling noise before it gets into your sensitive receiver.
The MFJ-1025 is effective with all types of interference on all modes.
Signals can be peaked or nulled.
The MFJ-1025 and your antenna can electrically "rotate the array" while the antennas remain physically stationary ... adjust both direction and wave angle of null or peak.... change from nulling to peaking with the push of a button... ignore mutual coupling effects as phase and level are adjusted.
Use the MFJ-1026 as an adjustable phasing network. You can combine two antennas to give you various directional patterns and improve receiving signal levels.
Examples... two verticals become steerable array... your beverage and your transmitting antenna can enhance weak signals...two parallel staggered. Beverage antennas can improve front-to-back ratio or steer nulls. Connects between transmitting antenna and transceiver. To null, adjust amplitude and phase controls for minimum S-Meter reading or lowest noise. To Peak, push reverse button. use built-in active antenna or an external one. Has near constant amplitude phase control.
RF sense T/R switch bypasses your transceiver when you transmit. Adjustable delay time.
Use external antenna to null or peak signals.

However, the main thing to understand after you have set up the noise antenna is that it will initially take a while to find the “sweet-spot” for proper noise cancellation on your band of interest; as well as the time/experience you will need to learn to be able to quickly and effortlessly phase-out offending noise/QRM sources on-the-fly (if needed).

You must initially adjust five different knobs and push-buttons to correctly phase-out your interference. But after setting these knobs/push-buttons, typically only one knob need ever be slightly tweaked again for that particular band and QRM/N. You MUST HAVE PATIENCE in adjusting and learning to use the MFJ-1025 to get it to work as advertised. It is worth the effort.

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