KW Endstufe transistorisiert
incl. externes Netzteil
Output 1200 W | 240 VAC

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- Eight conservatively rated, very linear 50-volt MOSFET transistors
- Operational in a few seconds. No long filament warm-up time
- Clean layout with easy-to-service modular construction
- Front panel LEDs indicate band, faults, ALC and transmitting status
- Quiet variable-speed forced air cooling system
- Power amplifier module balance metering
- Power amplifier module current and voltage metering
- PEP forward power and PEP reflected power metering
- Reflected power protection
- Bandswitch error protection
- Standard negative going ALC output with front panel adjustment
- ALC metering and an ALC LED indicator
- 5 milliseconds receive-to-transmit relay switching
- Adjustable Forward and Reflected peak meter hold time
- Adjustable meter brightness
- Fully regulated external power supply

Technische Daten ALS-1300X

Ausgangsleistung : 1200 W PEP/600 W CW
Eingangsleistung : 75-100 W PEP
Frequenzbereich : 10-160 m., incl. WARC
Transistoren : 8 x MRF 150 MOSFET
Abmessungen : ca. B 270 x T 483 x H 172 cm
Gewicht : ca. 10,5 kg

Maße und Gewicht sind inklusive Verpackung
Maße  :  L58 x B39 x H51 cm
Gewicht  :  29,00 kg