MFJ 554

DeLuxe CW practice oscillator

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MFJ 554
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The worlds finest code practice oscillator MFJ 554 is designed for demanding classroom use and abuse.

It produces a true pure sinewave sidetone with no trace of harsh keyclicks. You'll hear the clearest, sweetest sounding CW you have ever heard.


- Delivers full 1 watt into built-in 3" speaker -- fills an entire room
- Low distortion -- less than .2% total harmonic distortion from its BTL (Bridge-Tied-Load) amplifier
- Volume control
- Tone control 400-1000 Hz
- On/off switch
- Power on LED
- 1/4 inch key jack
- 3.5mm external speaker jack uses 12 VDC
- All metal enclosure

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Maße  :  L27 x B17 x H6 cm
Gewicht  :  1,00 kg