Heil Sound PR-781

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Heil Sound PR-781
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Das Heil Sound PR-781, ein neues Mikrofon der Spitzenklasse, das speziell für High-End Transceiver wie den Icom IC-7800 oder Yaesu FT-DX9000 entworfen wurde. HEIL schreibt, 'it is wonderful on the KENWOOD TS-2000, 850, 870, YAESU FT-1000 Mark V, and all of the ICOM PRO models as well'.

Verwendet wird ein dynamisches Mikrofonelement der professionellen Heil Sound Studioserie mit weitem Frequenzbereich und ausgezeichneter, voller Dynamik. Das PR-781 wird mit Stativklemme mit 5/8"-Gewinde geliefert und paßt somit auf alle entsprechenden Stative und Galgen, z.B. CB-1-PTT, SB-2, PL-2T, TB-1X, TB-2 und PL-3.

Zusätzlich benötigt wird ein zum Transceiver passendes Anschlußkabel CC-1-XLR-.....

Technische Daten

- Heil Sound PR Dynamic Element
- Frequenzbereich 15 - 16000 Hz
- Aluminium-Membran mit geringer Masse
- Ausgangspegel -55dB
- Impedanz 600 O
- Charakteristik: Niere
- Stahlgehäuse mit schwarzem Finish
- Gewicht ca. 425g


Wählen Sie hier das richtige Adapterkabel.


We sometimes get inquiries asking for an adapter cable for the PR 781 (or the PR20/30/35/40) to connect to a “small” HF transceiver like the Icom IC-706 or IC-7000, or the Yaesu FT-450/817/857/897. As you know, Heil does not make such cables, and there are several reasons why.

In the case of the IC-706/7000, you run up against the problem of Icom utilizing different available mic gain levels on SSB and FM (with FM being much lower). Using our dynamic mics, any of them, will not drive these Icom rigs to full deviation on FM. What’s more, the threshold for tripping the VOX on SSB seems to vary widely, and sometimes a dynamic microphone won’t engage the transmitter reliably when using VOX.

In the cases of the Yaesu FT-450/817/857/897, as well as the previously-mentioned Icom rigs, the very wide frequency response of the PR 781 tends to overwhelm the input stages of the rig, including the SSB modulator. The result is a very “flat” or “muddy” sounding signal. The problem is not the microphone, which (when properly applied) really sparkles; the problem is that you’re injecting a 16,000 Hz voice signal into a radio without sophisticated filtering, and the (nominal) 2,500 Hz bandwidth used on SSB, being so much narrower, means that over 13 kHz of audio, amplified by the mic input amplifiers, is wasted.

Now some customers are quite insistent, and they demand that we provide them with a “solution” that will allow them top connect a PR 40 or PR 781 to one of these small rigs. Yes, a CC-1-XLR-I and HSTA-iM or HSTA-YM will make the electrical connections. But the result will just not be satisfactory. The customer’s audio won’t sound good. The VOX may not work.

Heil makes a number of excellent microphones for Icom rigs. . .the Handi Mic iC (via the CC-1-iM adapter cable) and the iCM (via the HSTA-iM adapter cable) will modulate an IC-706 or IC-7000 beautifully, and with full fidelity. A Handi Mic 5 or GM-5, via the CC-1-YM adapter cable, will sparkle on any of the small Yaesu rigs.

The PR 781 belongs in a broadcast studio; an IC-7000 does not!

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