MFJ 645

Computer control SO2R switch

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MFJ 645
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Universal computer interface provides seamless interaction with computer logging and SO2R programs for effortless “Single Operator/2 Radios” operation.

MFJ-645 extends capabilities of MFJ-644 and includes computer control -- Permits MFJ-645 to interoperate with WinEQF, CT, NA, TRLog, and Write-Log.

Its Universal Mic Interface lets you use any mic with any radio. Internal jumpers configure any microphone to any radio.

MFJ-645 easily interfaces with the MFJ-1275 and MFJ-1279 Sound Card Interfaces giving you full control over your digital modes. You can choose which radio is in the digital mode, or you can even operate dual digital modes. And besides the normal manual PTT capabilities as those of the MFJ-644, when connected to the MFJ-1275 or MFJ-1279 Sound Card Interfaces your digital mode can also control the key line.

Use 12 VDC or 230 VAC with optional MFJ-1312DX power supply.
Measures 11 1/4W x 5 1/2H x 2 1/2D inches.

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