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The Yaesu FC-40 antenna tuner is designed for the FT-857D, FT-891 and FT-897D. It uses of the control circuitry built into the FT-857/891/897, which allows the operator to control and monitor automatic operation of the FC-40 mounted near the antenna feed point. For demanding applications, the FC-40 uses specially selected thermally stable components and is housed in a waterproof casing to reliably withstand severe climatic extremes. The FC-40 matches a wide variety of antennas to within a 2:1 SWR on any amateur band (160 through 6 meters) in less than 30 seconds. Transmitter power required for matching can be as little as 4 to 60 watts, and matching settings are automatically stored in memory for instant recall when the same frequency range is reselected later. Comes with plate and U bolts plus 4,9 m control cable and 4,9 m coaxial cable.


Frequency range : 1.8 to 54 MHz Amateur Bands (with 20+ meter end fed wire)
Frequency range : 7 to 54 MHz Amateur Bands (with 2.5 meter mobile whip)
Max. power : 100 W PEP (3 minutes maximum continuous TX)
Memories : 200
Tuning time : 1 to 8 seconds
Antenna matching impedance : 16,5 to 150 Ohms (SWR less than 3)
Tuning power : 4 to 60 W
Power Supply : 13.8 VDC (derived from the transceiver)
Dimensions : W 175 x H 236 x D 53 mm
Weight : 1,2 kg

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