MFJ 1234

RigPi mit Keyer und Audio Interface
Bedienen Sie Ihre Heim-Station von überall auf der Welt!

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MFJ 1234
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Der neue MFJ-1234 RigPi Stations Server Ihre Heim-Station Ferngesteuert mit jedem Webbrowser auf Ihrem Handy, iPad, Tablett, Laptop, Schreibtisch oder sogar Kindle!

Das Herz der MFJ-1234, RigPi Stations Server, ist ein Raspberry Pi Mikro-Computer mit 64-bit @ 1.5 GHz CPU, 1 GB SDRAM, vier USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 2.4 en 5 GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 BLE und 4k HDMI Video/Audio, mit Linux OS und die Add-Ons RigPi Keyer und RigPi Audio Boards. Das RigPi Keyer Board verwendet den K1EL WinKeyer3 IC für die Eingabe über Tastatur oder Paddel. Das RigPi Audio Board wird für VoIP für Remote-Betrieb, Digitalmodi und l/Q-Spektralanzeige (Panadaptor) verwendet. Die RSS-Funk- und Rotorsteuerung verwendet Hamlib, eine Bibliothek mit über 200 Funkgeräten und 50 Rotoren. Aktualisieren Sie, wenn neue Radios/Rotoren hinzugefügt werden.

Der RigPi Stations Server ist ein Computersystem, das Ihre Station steuert und On-Air-Aktivitäten übernimmt. Es ist eine völlig neue Art der Stationssteuerung mit einem Server. Es ermöglicht mehreren Benutzern und Radios die gleichzeitige Interaktion über jeden Internetbrowser.

Bedienen Sie Ihre Heim-Station von überall auf der Welt!

  • Use nearly any transceiver with CAT control, old or new, no computer, but some computer knowledge is needed.
  • Operate all modes SSB, CW, FM, digital -- any transceiver mode.
  • Control your station from anywhere via the internet using any browser -- radio, rotor, CW keying, VoIP, digital modes, logging, spot monitoring, callbook lookups and much more.

Here’s what else you can do:

  • Operate digital modes including FT8 and RTTY. WSJT-X, Fldigi are installed.
  • Look-up calls using the included FCC database or optional QRZ XML subscription service.
  • Monitor DX spots and watch for unworked or unconfirmed calls.
  • Design, maintain multiple logs. Upload ADIF logs to ARRL LoTW server.
  • Send Morse code from a mobile device, keyboard or paddle.
  • 32 user programmable macros gives great control flexibility.
  • Single-click updating.
  • Has I/Q Input for SDR radios.
  • Onboard VoIP server gives outstanding 2-way audio.
  • Includes email, word processing and spreadsheet programs.
  • Thousands of Linux programs, including many for ham radio available.
  • Modify and program RigPi Station Server features using a text editor.

Multi-Operators, Multi-Radios

  • With the integrated VNC server, the RSS communicates with every internet browser on Windows, MAC, Chrome, Android, iOS and Linux computers, laptops, tablets and phones. The free VNC viewer must be installed on the device.
  • You can open as many web pages as you like on one or more devices (iphone, tablets, laptops, etc.).
  • One browser can control a radio while a second can control another radio, etc.
  • Two or more hams from different places can operate different radios at the same time using one MFJ-1234.
  • Tests have shown that 4 or 5 accounts/radios can be active at one time.
  • In addition to using a browser, you can use these apps: CommCat Mobile for iOS and CommCat for Windows.

What is the RSS?

  • RigPiTM Station Server (RSS) is a computer system that controls your station and handles on-the-air activities.
  • It’s a radical new way of station control using a server. It allows multiple users and radios to interact simultaneously using any internet browser.


  • RSS is a Raspberry PiTM computer running Linux and RigPi Keyer and RigPi Audio boards.
  • RigPi Keyer board uses the K1EL WinKeyer3 integrated circuit for keyboard or paddle input.
  • RigPi Audio board is used for VoIP for remote operations, digital modes and l/Q spectral display (Panadaptor).


RSS radio and rotor control uses Hamlib, a library of over 200 radio and 50 rotors. As new radios and rotors are added you can update.

If you also want to remotely switch ON/OFF the mains voltage of the power supply, use a so-called Web Relay, Internet / Network relay.

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