Panorama Adapter für Icom IC-7300

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The PTRX-7300 Panorama Adaptor especially developed for the Icom IC-7300 HF/50 MHz transceiver.

The Icom IC-7300 has no output for an external display. The PTRX-7300 provides something even better: an IF output to which you can connect any SDR receiver. So the remote control of your IC-7300 gets a completely new dimension.

With the built-in PTRX-7300 pan adapter, any SDR receiver can now be connected to the new IF output, for example the DXpatrol, Airspy, Airspy HF+ or a Colibri SDR or others. The control software of the SDR is used on a computer, for example HDSDR, SDR-Radio, SDR# or SDR-Uno.

Another program - OmniRig - links the SDR software to the CAT control of the IC-7300. This makes it possible for the transceiver to be controlled by the waterfall of the SDR program and always display the correct frequency. All this while the Icom transceiver with all its functions remains the same as before. So you have the best of both worlds - the traditional control via the VFO button on the radio as well as the comfortable operation via the computer.

This pan adapter is very easy to install and, if necessary, just as easy to remove. Nothing is permanently modified on the transceiver, soldering is not necessary. All cables needed for the installation are included, the installation is described in detail and with pictures.

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