ICOM RS-BA1 - Version 2

IP Remote Control Software

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ICOM RS-BA1 - Version 2
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The Icom RS-BA1, which gained popularity by being able to operate many of our machines such as the flagship machine IC-7851 from a PC via IP, hasl been released as a new Version 2 with more various functions.

In addition to the single mode of RS-BA1 which is the previous product, RS-BA1 Version 2 corresponds to the dual mode * 1 newly, and simultaneous reception of two waves is possible. Besides being able to control both MAIN and SUB frequencies, it is also possible to display spectrum scopes simultaneously in both bands.

In remote control, in addition to the interference cancellation function and filter setting that were supported by the old product, it corresponds also to the operation of RIT · ? TX newly, and realized various control. In addition to manipulating with the remote encoder RC – 28 (sold separately) that realizes smooth frequency change, it corresponds to the operation with the mouse click on a new indicator, the panel enlarged display mode is installed, and the interface is further easy to use became.

Utilizing RS-BA1 Version 2 makes it possible to operate wireless devices at remote locations more smoothly than ever, further expanding the location and operation variations of the radio.

Note: The new product RS-BA1 Version 2 does not support upgrading from the old product RS-BA1. It is necessary to purchase new software.

Main features

 : Remote operation and voice handling of amateur radio can be done via LAN or the Internet.
 : Newly compatible with dual mode, simultaneous reception of two waves / simultaneous display of two waves * 1 .
 : In addition to removal of interference and filters, a variety of controls including a new RIT · ? TX etc. are realized.
 : It also supports operation with the remote encoder RC–28 (sold separately).
 : A fulfilling interface such as mouse click operation of the indicator, enlarged display of the panel etc.

* 1 …… IC-7851, IC-7850, IC-7610 correspond.

Suitable for a.o. Icom HF transceiver models:

- IC-7100
- IC-7200
- IC-7300
- IC-7600
- IC-7610
- IC-7700
- IC-7800
- IC-7851
- IC-9100
- IC-9700
- IC-705

Is supplied including USB-Stick and USB-cable.

You will find extensive information in brochure and Quick Reference Guide below.

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