MFJ 1926

Programmierbare Screw Driver Antenne Controller Icom

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MFJ 1926
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The MFJ 1926 is a Programmable Screwdriver Antenna Controller for ICOM Radios.

The MFJ-1926 is perfect for your Icom radio equipped with a CI-V interface. Connect the controller to your Icom radio and the MFJ-1926 receives the frequency data and will automatically tune your screwdriver antenna.

10 Memories. . . Super Accurate. . . AutoPark . . . StallProtector. . . Super bright LEDs

Tuning your mobile screwdriver antenna couldn’t be easier!

Save ten favorite screwdriver antenna positions in memory and quickly return to any saved position.

Up/Down buttons let you manually move the antenna to any desired position. A 4-digit turns counter gives you precise antenna position -- you can see its super bright LEDs even in direct sunlight!

Returning to a position from memory is extremely accurate for three reasons . . .

1 : The antenna always moves to its desired position from the bottom, insuring that the motor is always loaded the same.
2 : MFJ’s exclusive AutoParkTM feature automatically bottoms your antenna for parking in your garage and resets and calibrates your counter each time to eliminate antenna slippage and turns count errors.
3 : The momentum of the moving antenna causes it to overshoot its stop point. MFJ’s exclusive Dead-OnSTOP feature automatically reverses the motor briefly just before it stops to eliminate overshoot and come to a precise stop.

MFJ’s exclusive StallProtector feature prevents your expensive motor from burning out. Automatically detects motor stall and completely shuts off power to motor.

Motor current can be monitored on LEDs for trouble and stall current.

Compatible with single and dual magnetic turns sensors. Requires 12 VDC.

Dimensions: L90 x B83 x H32 mm

Power, motor control and sensor lines included.

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