Rotary Dipol 6/10/15/20 m.

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The Hy-Gain TH-1 is a 26 foot 20-, 15-, 10-and 6-meter full legal limit rotatable dipole that is inconspicuous and low profile, making it almost invisible from across the street. With its 13-foot turning radius and 8-pound weight, it fits on even small roofs and is perfect for town houses,apartments and condos - and can easily be turned by a lightweight TV rotator such as the HyGain AR-35. If necessary, the TH-1 can even be mounted inside an attic!

Its bidirectional pattern can help reduce QRM and/or noise while maximizing your signal in the directions that you want -- so you can work some real DX. High efficiency traps provide operation up to a full 1500 Watts SSB/CW on 20, 15, and 10 meters. Stub matching is used on 6 meters for 1500 watt operation on this band as well. The Hy-Gain TH-1 is built-to-last – using an incredibly strong solid rod fiberglass center insulator and 6063 T-6 aircraft strength aluminum tubing for the radiator. And it assembles in about an hour.


Bands : 14/21/28/50 MHz
Elements : 1
Gain : 0 dBd
Front/Side Ratio : 20 dB
Bandwidth SWR 1:2 : 14 MHz-200 kHz | 21 MHz-400 kHz | 28 MHz-1,1 MHz | 50 MHz-600 kHz
Boomlength : --
Elementlength : 7,93 m. / 26 feet
Turning Radius : 3,97 m. / 13 feet
Windload : 0,1 m2
Mast Diameter : 24,5 - 38 mm
Balun : not included. See related products below.
Max. Powe : 1.5 kW PEP
Weight : 6 kg

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Maße  :  L173 x B13 x H13 cm
Gewicht  :  5,50 kg