MFJ 2286

KW Portabel-Antenne (SOTA)

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MFJ 2286
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For Top Portable Performance Carry a MFJ 2286 "Big Stick"!

Like the MFJ Big Ear, this portable monopole features MFJ`s rugged 17’ stainless-steel collapsible whip paired with an adjustable high-Q air-wound coil. Efficiency matters, so it`s not surprising this winning combination stands head and shoulders above shorter backpack antennas.

True Backpack Portability: Antenna is over 18 feet long fully extended, but disassembles and collapses to 28” in seconds. Fits into most any size packs!

Light Weight: Just over 2 lbs. You`ll hardly know your packing it!!!

Versatile: Includes MFJ-342T pipe mount -- quickly and easily mounts to a ¼ or ½ inch pipe or mast. SO-239 with lock washer feeds coax underneath the ? - 24 connector.

General Coverage: Tapped loading coil covers 7.0-55.0 MHz without gaps. Great for Ham Bands and outstanding for image-free shortwave broadcast!

Rugged Construction: All aluminum, stainless steel construction ensures years of excellent performance. One Killowatt rated components guarantee electrical safety.

Counterpoise kit included: Ensures low SWR, high efficiency, maximum site safety.

BigStick™ is for the Ham radio operator on the move and on-the-go and hungry for the next great QSO anywhere or anytime!

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Maße  :  L90 x B9 x H7 cm
Gewicht  :  1,48 kg